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Zicsaloma: Why my family never supported me

Popular Nigerian skitmaker and content creator, Zicsaloma, has revealed that at the beginning of his career, his siblings was not supportive of his career path.

Zicsaloma recalled instances when he was supposed to bring family and friends to The Voice, a music competition in South Africa, but could only take his mother because his siblings never supported him.

He mentioned that his siblings would tell him to keep quiet when he was singing or creating content, ridiculing his aspirations.

Despite the lack of encouragement from his family, Zicsaloma persistence paid off and he has now become the cornerstone of his family.

He said:

“It was a situation where I was always singing, shouting and they would tell me to keep quiet, that I was making noise. I can remember even having some musical CDs like Celine Dion then. Before I return home, I will see all my CDs shattered by my brothers. When I even started content creation, it was another battle.

“I will be creating content and my brother will just come and turn on music. If they were even prospects of who would succeed at that point, obviously not me. But see it now, I am the chief cornerstone in the house.”