Why it’s better for ladies to marry older men – Nedu

Why it’s better for ladies to marry older men – Nedu 9ja2nice reports – Controversial media personality and actor, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, aka Nedu, has asserted that it is better for ladies to date and marry older men instead of their mates.

He, however, said ladies should only date or marry older men who are rich and can take care of their financial needs.

Nedu said, “Please, let me encourage you. If you have that older man that is eyeing you, that wants to marry you; he is 45, he is 50 and you are still 20 or something, you are an adult. Does he has the wherewithal to take care of you? If he does, go ahead.”

He said marrying a young man could be catastrophic as the man may still be exhibiting youthful exuberance.

He continued, “It’s suffering if you go for an older man that does not have money. You are wasting your time. Better go for a young guy.”

The actor also urged young men to go for older women if they are tired of young ladies, adding that most men are sleeping with older women.


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