We’re making profit says Shoe Makers and repairer’s

The recent subsidy removal by the government has resulted in a rise in economic activity and earnings for shoe shiners and repairers in Kano, Northwest Nigeria. Check out 9ja2nice for more news. 

People are choosing to walk long distances or use public transportation instead of driving or riding motorcycles due to the high cost of fuel, which has caused fuel prices to rise as high as N600 per liter in some areas.

Malam Mohammad Auwal, a shoe repairman in Kano, said in an interview that their business has grown significantly as a result of the long lines of people waiting to have their shoes mended.

The rise in people choosing to walk farther distances as a result of the high gasoline prices is directly related to the rise in demand for their services.

More individuals who go hiking ultimately wear out their shoes, which leads them to seek the help of shoe repairmen like Malam Mohammad Auwal.

In order to deal with the rising cost of fuel, many people have chosen alternate modes of transportation as a result of the loss of fuel subsidies. The Kano shoe repair sector has unintentionally benefited from this change in behavior.

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