Things You Need To Know About TB Joshua now ready for your information about Things You Need To Know About TB Joshua.

Following the trending BBC Documentary about TB Joshua, 9ja2nice media have listed the 10 interesting things you need to know about the late Nigerian pastor.

The Nigerian charismatic pastor and televangelist, TB Joshua was born on 12 June 1963 and died on 5 June 2021.


1. He is the only preacher who was asked to relocate his church to Israel in Jerusalem by the government of Isreal (he denied the offer)

2. He is the only preacher in our time who had Muslims crying outside of his church when he died, why? coz he never selected who to help, for him love was above religion.

3. Prophet TB Joshua never had protocol.

4. prophet TB Joshua was paying for all the stadiums he visited all over the world and never collected seed in church.

5. Prophet TB Joshua never had special seats in his church. The poor and the rich were all in the same space.

6. Prophet TB Joshua’s wife was seating anywhere just like any other church members.

7. Prophet TB Joshua never had more than one branch (SCOAN).

8. Prophet TB Joshua was never selling his anointed water and book.

9. Prophet TB Joshua is the only preacher who has been put as a cover photo on BCC AFRICA. It has never happened before.

10. Prophet TB Joshua never allowed his members to kneel before him.

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