Listen and Earn: Sites That Pay You to Listen to Music 2023

Listen and Earn: Sites That Pay You to Listen to Music 2023

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Instead of listening to music in your gala time for free, get some return in the shape of money while also discovering some new tunes.

Yes, it’s possible with the help of various listen and earn sites. These websites will pay you to listen to music. Isn’t that really amazing?

Let’s learn more about it after understanding the benefits of listening to music!

Benefits Of Listening To Music


One of the things that can benefit brain health is listening to music. It helps keep the brain active since the brain helps us in carrying out all day-to-day activities. Let us look at some more benefits that come with listening to music.

Music Enhances Memory Power

Enjoying music can stimulate several brain areas involved in processing memories, including the prefrontal cortex. Furthermore, participating in musical activities, such as playing an instrument, can enhance memory and cognitive performance by enhancing brain connectivity and neuroplasticity.

Reduces Stress & Improves Health

Cortisol levels can drop as a result of listening to music. Listen to music to help you relax after a stressful day. Sing along and move your feet to the beat for optimum therapeutic effects.

Music Encourages Altruism

Perhaps surprisingly, music can even foster a sense of community and compassion. Another hormone that is released while you listen to music is oxytocin. It is known as the “love hormone” since it fosters sentiments of trust and closeness.

Music Promotes Intelligence

An increase in IQ can naturally occur because processing music requires the entire brain. The brain’s hemispheres need to communicate to comprehend and link the sounds received by each ear. The corpus callosum has more neuronal connections and is more vital when listening to music. You can connect thoughts and ideas more quickly due to the faster connective processing power that follows.

Improves Creativity & Productivity

Recent studies show that music might boost creativity and productivity. Put on an uplifting soundtrack if you’re having trouble writing or need to think of an innovative concept. You’ll develop fresh methods for conveying your views due to the tempo increase.

Listening to your favorite music is the most calming and revitalizing activity. When you’re exhausted, music might help you relax. It has the power to alter someone’s emotions instantly.

Although it may seem absurd, earning money while enjoying music is feasible. An increasing variety of individuals are being compensated for listening to their favorite music. But how much? Let us learn more about it.

How much money can you expect to make listening to music?


There are various opportunities open to you if you’re looking to make money while enjoying music.

According to the platform you use, there are differences in how much you can earn. For instance, some sites might pay you $0.02 to $0.2 for each song, while others might pay $1 to $15. If you are serious about your side job, you can expect to earn between $100 and $200 per month just by enjoying music.

Your average monthly profits, however, may change because each site pays differently. Specific platforms may also provide additional opportunities to make money, such as submitting reviews and rating music playlists.

Now, let us learn more about the apps that can pay you while listening to music.


With the installation of Android and iOS-based mobile software Current, you may get paid about $600 annually for listening to music on your phone. If you want to earn money as you listen to music passively, this belongs to the most rewarding app.


You’ll accrue points as you connect to the broadcast stations of your choosing—from hip-hop to country. If you continue to listen more and more, your income will rise. Current won’t charge you anything to listen to carefully selected music. You can gain points by tapping the play button repeatedly.

The most prominent feature of this program is that you can make money while exercising, working at the workplace, or even traveling. Your points can be used to buy gift cards, make music recordings for offline listening, or cash out using PayPal.

Playlist Push

Playlist Push is an app that lets you earn money for writing music reviews. The purpose of paying to listen to music is to support up-and-coming musicians and performers. This website is suitable for you if you have an excellent ear for music and are skilled at writing reviews.


To earn money by enjoying music here, you must be eligible. On any of these music playlists, including those on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music, the person must be the owner and have many followers. The app is easy to use, and you only have to be good at writing reviews to get going.

An excellent pay rate is provided by Playlist Push. You will be paid $12 for each song you review. Funds will be transferred directly to your registered bank account. It is a top app with top features with the sole aim of connecting artists.

Slice The Pie

Slice The Pie is among the most well-known paid review websites online. If you appreciate sharing your musical ideas, it may be one of the best ways to make extra money. Provide reviews for the song after relaxing and listening to some music.


The level of the review as well as the genre of music, will influence your pay. However, the typical payment for every review is between 2 to 20 cents. The money you earn can also be transferred to your PayPal account.

To review a song on the website, you must listen to at least 90 seconds of it. The best part is that you can listen to it while reviewing it. Assume you are incredibly productive and do 40 reviews in one hour. You’d probably get a shocking $4 for that.


Musicxray allows musicians to contribute their tunes and get paid for doing so. It’s a website that links. It’sn’t scouts with artists. By submitting their songs to the site and gaining followers, these musicians can advertise their music and develop a fan base for a set cost.


For the purpose of listening to their preferred music, users can register as fans. The majority of the recordings last just 30 seconds. Musicxray uses only PayPal to pay its users. They give users 10 cents for each song. The minimum payout requirement is $20. The app highly encourages its users to earn while listening to music as a side gig.


A paid-to-do website called Earnably pays its members for doing specific jobs. Users must finish tasks for which they receive points. You receive a varied number of points for completing each assignment. These activities include listening to the radio, watching commercials or music videos, or doing surveys.


The organization offers a range of gift cards and quick incentives through partnerships with more than 30 partners, allowing you to redeem your points whenever you choose. The app provides one of the best platforms to earn some side bucks.

Users of Earnably are paid via different apps like PayPal, Bitcoin, and Amazon Gift Cards. The bare minimum withdrawal amount is $2, or 225 points. Signing up is an effortless task and hardly takes a few minutes. Making some money is easy, and making some easy bucks via this app never goes out of style.


RadioEarn is the name of both a radio station and an application. It is free to sign up. After creating an account on their website, you can listen to the radio. You can incorporate the radio on your homepage so visitors can listen.


Generating passive income is also possible with this option. You may include this radio station link on your website or social media profiles to earn money each time someone clicks through to the radio station. For you and our partners, the app offers a stable point exchange as well as numerous security measures.

You can withdraw your gains via Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Cards, or bank wire transfers. Beginning in the following month, these points will be converted to USD.


On the music rewards website Soundhalla, music lovers can make money by listening to their favorite songs. The business specializes in software development and wants to make it easier for users to discover popular songs.


Install the app, and Sign up by filling up your details, and you are ready to go. The app lets you look up popular songs and listen to music that suits your mood. Finding gems can earn you up to $50. Those gems are then converted to money, and you can get the money into your account every 90 days.

The platform also helps various genres of artists by promoting their work. You can also earn extra gems by sending a referral link to your friends & families.


A website called Cash4minutes compensates its users for making calls and listening to the radio. Users register for an account and provide their contact details, including landline numbers. You receive messages with corresponding assignments to finish after setting up your profile.


After registering, you can find the nations listed on the webpage and their phone numbers. Just dialing the number will let users hear the radio program on the other end. The payout period must be at most 35 days, and for international calls, it may extend as far as 50 days.

Users have the choice to tune in to any currently broadcasting radio station. Listeners of Cash4minutes receive about $0.08 every minute. You can receive the payments via PayPal, Bitcoin, or Litecoin, or even use Amazon Gift Cards to get your payout.

Music Gateway

Music Gateway is a service that helps musicians market and distribute their music on well-known streaming websites, including Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music. They provide reasonable costs and let users retain full ownership of their royalties.


Music Gateway also provides a free music distribution trial account. Users can even profit by referring people to the service. The app gives you a decent amount of payout as a passive income. When you truly take the time to examine Music Gateway’s website, you’ll be amazed by how diverse its offers and goods are.

At first glance, the company might focus on artist development and music promotion. You can save all your musical playlists, songs, data, and projects on the Music Gateway cloud service. Artists may now effortlessly organize their songs using a very secure database.

List of Part-time/ Full-time jobs to make money while listening to music


Here are some part-time jobs that can help you make money while listening to music.

#1. Working at a record store

You can use your access to a vast range of music as a record shop employee to generate income in several ways. Starting a music review blog or podcast is one choice. You may listen to new albums, critique them, and make money through sponsorships and advertisements.

Customers might also receive customized music recommendations from you for a price, either in-person or online. You might also create playlists, sell them on services like Spotify or Apple Music, and get paid for each stream.

#2. Working as a DJ

There are numerous ways for a DJ to monetize their love of music. The first way to get money is by playing at parties, clubs, and gatherings. Your charge will vary according to your level of popularity, experience, and the scope of the event.


Additionally, you can make money by endorsing and sponsoring music-related companies and products. You can earn money from your presence on social media by producing music-related content like playlists or videos and working with companies to create sponsored posts.

#3. Streaming Curator

You can earn money as a streaming curator by creating and marketing playlists of various musical genres. You can land advertising or sponsorship partnerships with businesses looking to reach your audience by making high-quality playlists that draw a sizable audience.

Using your knowledge as a curator, you can provide advice to people wishing to create their playlists or to those working in the music business.

#4. Transcribe Lyrics

Transcribing lyric is a valuable service that can assist authors, music publishers, and artists in ensuring the lyrics are correct and comply with the law. You can work as a freelancer to earn money by transcribing lyrics. Also, you can set prices based on the difficulty of the lyrics or the deadline for completion, and you can bill by the song or the hour for transcribing labor.

#5. Start a website, podcast, or YouTube channel to review music

Creating a music-focused website or YouTube channel has the potential to bring in money in several ways. Revenue through advertising is one method. By gaining a following, you can earn money by letting advertisers insert adverts on your website or YouTube channel.

Another approach is through affiliate marketing, where you can market goods associated with music and make money from purchases made using your affiliate link.

#6. Writing for music review sites

Music review websites often hire independent writers to write about music for their articles or reviews. You can get money by engaging with an audience while you listen to, analyze, and discuss music by joining up as a writer for these websites. You can make more money by writing more articles.


In conclusion, musicians and content producers who want to commercialize their work online can earn money through music sites. Artists can make money by utilizing websites like Spotify and YouTube to take advantage of streaming royalties, advertising, goods sales, and fan support.

So, it’s time to turn your hobby of listening to music into a side gig to bring in those extra bucks.

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