Super Weird Jobs That Pay Well 2023

Super Weird Jobs That Pay Well 2023 now available at 9ja2nice career tips and guide categories of 9ja2nice about the Super Weird Jobs That Pay Well 2023 – With the job world becoming competitive each day, the dynamics of work have shifted from working conventional Jobs like engineering, doctoring, teaching, or banking. Jobs have been redefined now with people working jobs that they like. Just thinking about it, why will you work a job sitting behind a desk from 8 am – 5 pm? while you can do something that is more interesting!

Additionally, you might not be aware that there are some super weird jobs that pay well and the most shocking thing about them is that they require few requirements and qualifications. Well, as unusual as these jobs may sound, they offer not only flexibility that most people desire to be still able to do other things while spending quality time with their family.

So, here in this article is the list of unusual jobs or bizarre jobs, or weird jobs that pay well, no matter what you call them. These jobs guarantee a six-figure salary with the iceberg of fun and creativity.

1. Sperm Donor

Sperm Donor - Unusual jobs that pay well

This is by far one of the highest-paying unusual jobs ever. Well, basically, you don’t need to do much you just have to let them juice out. If you are not bothered with the morality or ethical part of this job, you could earn up to $200 dollars or more per donation. Additionally, you have to ensure you meet some health standards before you can be a donor. Likewise, it is legal in any country so you shouldn’t worry about getting in trouble with the authority.

2. Line Stander

Line Stander

What makes this job one of the weird jobs that pay well is the fact that you don’t need what you are standing in line for as the job description is for you to stand in for someone who can’t stand in a line or gets bored standing for too long. One of the areas that Line Standards do have numerous gains is when they need to stand in line in place of someone to get a limited product. Line Stander is one of the super weird jobs that pay well, and they can make up to $1500 dollars depending on the importance of the product the person they are standing in for wants to get.

3. Paper Towel Sniffer

Paper Towel Sniffer - Weird jobs that pay well

There’s a difference between when a job is odd but needs people to work it and when a job is unusual but still difficult to get. On the other hand, a paper towel sniffer is the latter. This job is practically bizarre but at the same time, it is not an open offer as there are many people who apply to get an opening sniffing paper. What this job requires is that you sniff paper towers for bad and odd smells before they are sold to the general public. Depending on the arrangement, you can make as low as $700 a week or as high as $1500.

4. Bed Testers

Bed Testers

This is one of the weird jobs that pay well because you can earn as high as $50 thousand dollars. Additionally, this is one of the jobs that are so unusual that comes with its own fun and comfort and pays relatively high. Bed testers basically have one thing to do, that is, to test out the bed by lying comfortably on it, which is done in different styles and positions, and in doing provide feedback to the company on how comfortable the beds are.

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5. Live Mannequin

Live Mannequin, super weird job that pay well

Believe me, in a room full of weird, I find this a little bit over the bar, like, who will choose to do this, but to your amusement and mine, this is one of the jobs that pay relatively high. As unusual as this job may be, it is actually one of the most boring weird jobs ever.

Live Mannequin requires physical fitness for anyone who wishes to work this job before you will be required to stand a long time. Most customers prefer a live mannequin as it provides them with an idea of what they are getting. Additionally, standing as a live mannequin comes with a big payout as this job, pays around $100 for each of the hours you have to stand.

6. Crime Scene Cleaner

Crime Scene Cleaner

This is one of the hardest unusual jobs ever. Most people do not wish to take on the job before the attachment of crime to it. Crime scene cleaners are required to clean just like the name suggests, but cleaning is different from normal cleaning as they may be required to clean blood or their increminating kinds of stuff. If you don’t have the heart for this, you can not work this job. Because of the nature of this job, it guarantees pay as high as $40-$50k, so are you up for this?

7. Professional Mourner

Professional Mourner is among the super weird jobs that pay well

I would say this is really one of the most bizarre jobs that pay well, like, can you believe it? Yes, people hire professional mourners for their events. This practice is popular in Asian, African, and Arabian countries mainly where professional mourners are hired when the deceased has no family or friends or in a situation where the number of available families and friends is small.

Professional mourners will be required to stand in to fill the gap while learning what is most important about their clients. Additionally, you need as a professional mourner great acting skills and the prowess to produce genuine tears, you should be able to make a decent $120 per hour.

8. Ice Cream Taster

Ice Cream Taster

Ice cream tasters are also known as food scientists, their role basically in the job is to taste ice creams. They are given the mandate to judge based on the color, right flavor, and texture of the ice cream before it will be available to customers. I’ll say this is one of the coolest weird jobs that pay well, as you can earn as high as $120k tasting ice cream. While most companies do not require much from you to work in this role, others, however, require that you have a degree in food science or a related field.

9. Embalmer

this photo is for view purpose

As an embalmer, you work precisely to prepare a dead body for the journey of the afterlife if you actually believe in such. This is a job that is not for the fainthearted as it will require you to drain blood from the body while putting embalmment fluid as a replacement. The job will also require applying makeup and restructuring of a body part or preserv9ng somewhere needed and appropriate. Additionally, due to the nature of the job, you might be required to prepare more bodies and do it in a calm way. Educational qualification is always a requirement for this job, along with passing some training. The annual salary of an embalmer range from $29k-$35k.

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10. Professional Bridesmaid

Professional Bridesmaid

When you hear of professional bridesmaids, what comes to mind? well, there are a lot of factors that may constitute the reason why a professional bridesmaid may be needed in a wedding ceremony. But whatever the reason may be sure that you can make a lot of cool money from being one. As a rented bridesmaid one of the roles you might have to play is to make sure everything runs smoothly and you might even be required to make a toast to the newly wedded. Likewise, amidst other things you might be required to do, you should know that this job does not require an educational degree of any sort. The average salary range from $30k-100k.

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