Sabrina Is Boldly Assured on Latest Single No Time

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Cameroonian superstar, Sabrina steps out with a thumping performance on new song ‘No Time’. Here, the songstress is assured and confident in her journey. She is confessional, sparing no glance for detractors, time wasters, ordinariness, or ingenuity.

Performed in her lilting voice, sprinkled with that surreal francophone tilt that has made her a fan favorite across Central and West Africa, ‘No Time’ continues Sabrina’s  unassailable ascent to the top of Afrobeats. A statement release, jointly supported by her label  Afrolit Entertainment & its global partnership with music powerhouse, Empire, Sabrina’s sings her heart out as usual.

Already loved for her impeccable songwriting, performance and charm, on this new single, Sabrina is unimpressed by the mundane, she aspires for extraordinary and she does so boldly. 

Do not be deceived by the song’s mid tempo rhythm, Sabrina is fierce on her latest record. She is hell bent on success and would attack it with passion and determination. 

Sabrina is a fresh voice, cutting through the scene internationally as one of the continent’s biggest emerging talents. With a growing repertoire of songs that have began to attract listenership from across the globe, the songstress ups the ante with ‘No Time’. 


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