Release Nnamdi Kanu dont be like Abacha, Buhari – Lawyer tells Tinubu

Biafra: Release Nnamdi Kanu, don’t be like Abacha, Buhari – Lawyer tells Tinubu – 9ja2nice latest news. President Bola Tinubu has been urged not to toll the path of late Military Head of State, Sani Abacha and former President Muhammadu Buhari over their stance on self-determination.

Aloy Ejimakor, the Special Counsel to Kanu said Tinubu should release the Biafra agitator and not toe the path of Abacha and Buhari.

Tweeting, Ejimakor also warned that the failure to release Kanu would boomerang. According to Ejimakor: “Dear Mr. President: It boomerangs when the State (in this case: the President) fails to enforce a Judgment (domestic or foreign) against the State, just because it’s against the State.

“Whenever this happens, the legitimacy of the State is called into question. #FreeMNK, Now. Pursued by Abacha, President Tinubu went into exile in 1994 & in April 1997, he declared ‘I don’t believe in #OneNigeria’.

“In 1998, he returned to Nigeria after Abacha’s death. Mr. President, you once demanded Self Determination. You’re not an Abacha or a Buhari. #FreeMNK.”

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