Lucrative Part-Time Jobs For Study Visa In Canada 2024

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A part-time job is an option available to students who are applying for study visas in Canada, helping them somewhat offset their living and educational costs. Additionally, it enables students to get priceless job experience in Canada that will aid them in their future careers. There are many part-time jobs available that let you work and study at the same time.  In this article, RNN has provided you with some of the Lucrative Part-Time Jobs For Study visa in Canada.

A Canadian with a study Visa is allowed to work 20 hours a week. However, to avoid having their job interfere with their academics, students enrolled in challenging or demanding courses may opt to work fewer hours a maximum of 12 hours a week.

Types of Part-Time Jobs in Canada For Students

Students in Canada can choose from a wide range of part-time employment options. These positions give students the chance to build vital skills, obtain money to fund their education, and obtain useful work experience.

Let’s examine the two categories of part-time work that are available to students in Canada.

1. On-Campus

Part-time jobs that are offered to students on the campus of their school are referred to as “on-campus” jobs. The institution or college where the student is enrolled explicitly offers this employment.

2. Off-Campus

Part-time jobs that are available to students off campus are jobs that are not affiliated with their educational institution. Businesses, organizations, or private citizens in the nearby town or city usually provide these positions.

7 Lucrative Part-Time Jobs For Study Visa In Canada

1. Teacher’s Assistant

Teaching assistantships are one of the common lucrative part-time jobs for study visas in Canada for university students, particularly because they allow you to gain practical experience in your field. Professors often expect you to be a graduate student or have expertise in the subject. As a teaching assistant, you will assist with lectures, mark assignments, and support students in their studies.

2. Sales Assistant

For students in Canada, a part-time position as a sales assistant may be quite profitable. They usually work in retail settings, where they sell food and clothes. Reliable sales assistants might receive modest commissions on sales, and the employment is often steady. The primary advantage of this kind of work is that it gives you a variety of transferrable abilities that you may use to further your career. It is required of sales assistants to have outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities.

3. Tutor

Being a tutor is the ideal part-time job for you if you enjoy teaching and have a particular interest in subjects. You can decide to educate pupils up to the university or college level, starting with those in elementary school. You have the option of working as a member of a tutoring program or teaching on your own. With tutoring, you may hone the abilities you currently possess and learn new ones.

4. Freelancer

The top part-time jobs in Canada for students are in freelance writing and editing. For a variety of content needs, including blog entries, articles, social media postings, and academic papers, a lot of businesses and people use freelance writers and editors.

5. Customer Service Assistant

A contact center representative could be a fantastic choice to begin your career under the category of part-time jobs in Canada for students. Part-time call center agents are employed by many businesses to take calls from customers, address inquiries, and handle problems.

6. Cook

For Canadians who want to work overseas, cooking is a fantastic career. International students frequently perform part-time jobs like this since it allows them to obtain work experience abroad while continuing to enroll in classes. Additionally, it allows Canadian students to pursue careers in demanding and fulfilling fields.
Cooking for a living abroad may be a fulfilling experience. Planning, adhering to recipes, and ensuring food is safe are all necessary skills for cooking. It also calls for abilities like planning, scheduling, and critical thinking. If you have a talent for cooking, working as a chef abroad is a fantastic option.

7. Uber or Lyft Driver

Being an Uber driver has grown in popularity as a part-time career among Canadian foreign students. The student must own a car, and a smartphone, and be at least 21 years old to operate as an Uber driver. The best times to work are on the weekends, at night, and early in the morning. The frequency of your driving determines how much money you make.

What are the Benefits of Part Time Jobs in Canada for Students?

In Canada, students may get a lot from part-time work beyond merely financial assistance. They give students the chance to get real-world experience, hone critical skills, grow their professional networks, and improve their employability in general. For overseas students studying in Canada, taking a part-time job offers several advantages.

  • First of all, it can provide you with a worthwhile taste of working in a professional environment and assist in building contacts and abilities that will come in handy if you ever need to hunt for full-time employment.
  • Working part-time can help you accumulate emergency savings and free up extra cash for living expenses and other expenses like tuition.
  • Gaining expertise in a particular subject or industry through part-time work can also be beneficial for securing a full-time position in that field on the road.

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