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YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform, with billions of content creators hoping to earn money on the platform. However, not every YouTuber has the patience to meet YouTube requirements for monetisation, and that’s where the concept of making money on YouTube without monetisation comes in. In this article, we will explore some of the best ways to make money on YouTube without monetisation. So, if you are ready to learn how to make money on YouTube without monetisation, dive in.

1. YouTube Affiliate Marketing 

One way to make money on YouTube without monetisation is via affiliate marketing. You can advertise products and services on your channel as an affiliate marketer and earn money through your special affiliate link. If you want viewers to purchase these products, then ensure that the products are in line with your YouTube channel’s niche. For instance, if you run a food YouTube channel, then  you can advertise cooking utensils, cookbooks, restaurants, and many others. You can also advertise via product review videos, and include the product description in your video description.



As an affiliate marketer, you are eligible to receive a percentage of the sales whenever somebody uses your affiliate link to purchase a product. Many affiliate marketing gigs offer commission rates of 15% to 50%. To become a successful affiliate marketer on YouTube, you need to build trust with your audience. Promote products and services that you would use. Also, inform viewers about any sponsored posts or affiliate links.

2. Create Courses and Ebooks

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You can also make money on YouTube without monetisation by creating online courses and selling e-books.offering to teach courses like content marketing, video editing, copywriting, digital marketing, fashion design or makeup courses is a great way of generating income on YouTube. By creating courses and selling e-books, you are establishing your YouTube channel as an authority in whatever course you teach. With examples of your digital marketing strategies working for other brands or testimonials of your past students can attract a large audience to your page. You can also create content advertising your courses on your page.

Also, you can direct viewers to several learning platforms to take your courses. Some of these learning platforms include Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare.

3. Content Curation

Another way to make money on YouTube without monetisation is through content curation. This is basically owning a YouTube channel that thrives on gathering content from other YouTube channels and posting on your channel. How does this work? You might ask. Well, all you have to do is find engaging YouTube videos and post them. Before starting content curation, you must have an eye for filmmaking and understand what your audience craves for. For instance, if your audience is interested in tech and food, then you can curate videos from Fisayo Fosudo and Sisi Yemmie’s Youtube channels, respectively. Always credit the original creators of the video when curating and adhere to YouTube’s copyright guidelines. It is important to post only high-quality videos.

4. Crowdfunding 

One popular channel of making money as a content creator is by crowdfunding. It is a great way of asking your viewers to sponsor your next video or project. Platforms like Patreon allow viewers to pay a certain amount in exchange for exclusive posts or content like behind-the-scenes, playlists, courses or early access to YouTube videos. For example, Nigerian-Canadian music critic, Emmanuel Owoniyi, has a Patreon account for viewers to get access to YouTube videos. Also, you can use crowdfunding apps like Ko-fi, Flattr, Kickstarter and Indiegogo to fund your next creative projects.

5. Sell Merchandise

If you have a large audience on YouTube, then it’s time to utilise those numbers by selling merchandise like customised T-shirts, hats, cups, pictures, and many others. If you are a talented artist, then you can share videos around your artistic process and sell your art. Also, if you are into comics, you can sell them from your YouTube page. Before putting your face or logo on a shirt, it’s also essential to think about the success of your channel in these terms. Do you have a supportive fan base? Are your subscribers engaged enough with your content? Is the viewership large enough?

6. Plan a Workshop

Yes, you can also leave the walls of YouTube and plan a physical workshop with your audience. Workshops are physical or virtual  meetings where people engage in an intensive activity or discussion on a particular subject with the objective of sharing knowledge or learning something new. Planning a workshop is a great way to interact with your Youtube community and build strong bonds. You can create a workshop for art lovers, film and literature enthusiasts. Also, you can also create photography workshops, cooking classes, and many others for a small fee. Here are a few ways to plan a workshop:

– Find a Suitable Place: You can decide to use an open field, coffee shop, shortlet, or a park for the workshop. Just ensure that the space is conducive and comfortable.

– Collaborate with Another YouTuber: To manage resources, you can partner with other YouTubers to create a joint workshop and offer double knowledge at an affordable price.

7. Plan a Retreat

You can plan a short retreat for interested viewers. If you run a yoga YouTube channel, you can rent a small space and ask viewers to join you for a yoga session. You can decide to organise a YouTube retreat where you meet your YouTube community, Netflix and chill and perhaps brainstorm ideas for upcoming videos? By planning a retreat, you interact with viewers and make money.

8. Become a YouTube Manager

If you have experience in social media management or marketing, then becoming a YouTube manager or consultant is a way to make money on YouTube without monetisation. You can choose to develop and create content calendars for other YouTubers.

Making money on YouTube without monetisation is possible. From affiliate marketing and planning a workshop to selling merchandise, and many other ways to make money from YouTube without monetisation.