How to make money on Opay App Everyday

How to make money on Opay App Everyday is now available at for your infomation views about How to make money on Opay App Everyday.

With opay app you can do alot of things like:

1. Transfer money to friends and family

2. Transfer money to other Banks and other Opey account

3. Pay Bill eg electricity, Dstv,Gotv etc

4. Top up your Opey account

5. Buy airtime/data for your family and friends


1. Referral bonus (310 per referral)

2. Chance to participate in “spin and win” draw, where you have the chances of winning Cash and phone and lot more.

3. Get a loan (up to 500,000) from your Opey App to your bank account

4. You can also Become opay agent and earn more on opey app

To Get started:

1. Download the opay app via this link:

I use OPay for free transfers & earn high interests on my savings. Join me on OPay and get ₦1,200 bonus!

2. Install the app in your smartphone

3. Sign up for free

4. Use this code as your referral event code>>>DPCBEH3

5. And Start earning as you use the app, it very easy

To earn More:

1. Refer your friends and family to join Opey app(using your referral code) and earn real cash

2. Earn with Daily login

3. Get free 100% cash back on your first transaction with Opay.


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