Get to know Top Mysterious People on Earth

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Unraveling the Mystery: Who Are These Mysterious People?

The Earth houses an array of mysterious individuals who spark our curiosity and intrigue. These enigmatic figures have played significant roles in history, but their true identities and intentions remain elusive.

Amidst a sea of fascinating characters, certain personalities stand out for their mysterious essence. These captivating individuals have left us puzzled, provoking a myriad of questions with limited answers.

In this article, 9ja2nice will delve into the lives of the top mysterious people on Earth, whose stories continue to fascinate and perplex us.

1. The Man in the Iron Mask


During the 17th century, a mysterious man with an iron mask over his face became a famous puzzle in history. He is one of the most mysterious people on earth and was imprisoned for 34 years under the supervision of the same jailer, but his true identity and the reasons for his confinement remain unknown. This prisoner lived during the reign of Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King.

On November 19, 1703, the prisoner named Marchioly sadly died, but the secret of his identity behind the black velvet mask remains unconfirmed despite many stories.

2. D.B. Cooper

On November 24, 1971, a man called Dan Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 by claiming to have a bomb in his briefcase. He asked for $200,000 and four parachutes, which he received. Then, at midnight, he jumped out of the plane with the parachutes. Since that day, he has never been found or seen again. No one knows where he came from or where he went. The media mistakenly named him D.B. Cooper. He remains a famous criminal, with his true identity and location still unknown.

3. Jack the Ripper

A notorious serial killer who terrorized the streets of Victorian London, Jack the Ripper’s true identity has eluded investigators for over a century. The brutality of his crimes and the meticulousness with which he avoided capture continue to captivate the public’s imagination.

In 1888, a series of horrifying murders shocked the streets of London. Five sex workers fell victim to a ruthless killer, their throats and abdomens brutally cut, with their internal organs removed. The nature of the killings hinted at the possibility that the murderer possessed anatomical or surgical expertise.

Throughout the investigation, both the police and the media received numerous letters claiming to be from the infamous killer, who went by the name Jack the Ripper. However, the identity of Jack the Ripper and the motive behind targeting exclusively sex workers remain unanswered, leaving behind a haunting enigma that persists to this day.

4. The Babushka Lady

During the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, a woman known only as the Babushka Lady was present and captured the events on film. Curiously, after the shooting, she blended into the crowd and vanished without ever stepping forward. Despite the FBI’s appeal for her cooperation, she remained silent. In every photograph and film featuring her, she either turned away from the camera or concealed her face with her camera. The identity of this enigmatic woman and the reasons behind her silence continues to puzzle investigators to this day.

5. The Zodiac Killer

Active in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Zodiac Killer taunted authorities with cryptic letters and ciphers. Despite numerous suspects and investigations, the true identity of this elusive serial killer remains unknown.

The Zodiac Killer is an unidentified serial killer who operated in Northern California during the late 1960s. This unsolved murder case is widely known as the most famous in American history and has captivated the public, inspiring amateur detectives to try and solve it. The Zodiac targeted young couples and a lone male cab driver, committing his crimes in various settings within the San Francisco Bay Area. His attacks occurred in Benicia, Vallejo, unincorporated Napa County, and San Francisco itself. Although he claimed to have killed 37 victims, he is officially linked to five murders, with two of his victims surviving. Additionally, the Zodiac Killer has been connected to other unsolved cases, some of which are located in Southern California or outside the state.

6. The Voynich Manuscript Author

The Voynich Manuscript, a centuries-old book filled with mysterious text and illustrations, has confounded linguists, cryptographers, and historians for generations. The author of this enigmatic manuscript remains unknown and he is one of the most mysterious people on earth, with theories ranging from secret codes to extraterrestrial origins. Decoding the Voynich Manuscript continues to be an unsolved puzzle that tantalizes scholars worldwide.

The Voynich manuscript is a hand-written book with pictures, written in a mysterious script called ‘Voynichese’. It was created on vellum around the early 15th century, possibly in Italy. People debate about where it came from, who wrote it, and why it was made. Some theories suggest it’s a language or code, while others think it might be a meaningless prank.

The manuscript has about 240 pages, but some are missing. Some pages can be folded and come in different sizes. Many pages have imaginative illustrations and diagrams, some with crude colors, showing people, made-up plants, astrological symbols, and more. The writing goes from left to right. It got its name from Wilfrid Voynich, a book dealer from Poland-Lithuania, who bought it in 1912. Since 1969, it has been kept in Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

7. Green Children of Woolpit

In a small village called Woolpit in Suffolk during the 12th century, the residents were taken aback by the sudden appearance of two children with an extraordinary feature – their skin was an unusual shade of green. These siblings, a brother, and sister, spoke an unfamiliar language and had a peculiar diet consisting solely of beans. However, as time passed, they managed to learn English and began consuming a variety of foods, gradually losing their distinct green hue.

Tragically, the boy fell ill and succumbed to his sickness, leaving only the girl behind to shed light on their origins. She claimed they hailed from a subterranean realm known as St Martin’s Land, a place perpetually devoid of sunlight where everything bore a lush green color. Despite extensive efforts, the true source of their existence remains elusive to this day, leaving many to wonder if they originated from an extraterrestrial world. The enigma surrounding their background continues to puzzle researchers, defying any definitive explanation.

In conclusion: These mysterious people, with their enigmatic actions and concealed identities, ignite our imagination and remind us that some secrets may never be fully revealed. As we continue to ponder their stories, their allure persists, leaving us to marvel at the enigmas that exist among us on Earth.

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