Enyimba Festival and Awards Season 4: Celebrating African Excellence

Unveiling Enyimba Festival and Awards Season 4: Celebrating African Excellence


The African continent boasts a rich cultural heritage, vibrant traditions, and extraordinary talents that continue to captivate the world. Recognizing the outstanding achievements and contributions of Africans in various fields, the Enyimba Festival and Awards season 4 is set to commemorate and honor African excellence like never before.

Scheduled to hold on 24th, 25th, and 26th November 2023, the Enyimba Festival and Awards promises to be a spectacular event showcasing the very best of African ingenuity, creativity, and brilliance. Both established and emerging artists, musicians, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and other talented individuals from across the continent will gather to celebrate their accomplishments and inspire future generations.

To participate in this prestigious event, aspiring contestants can now purchase their forms at two dedicated platforms, 9ja2nice.com and 260vibesglobal.com.ng. By embracing technology and digital advancements, the Enyimba Festival and Awards have made it convenient for contenders to apply from anywhere around the globe.

Enyimba Festival and Awards Season 4: Celebrating African Excellence
Enyimba Festival and Awards Season 4: Celebrating African Excellence

Embodying the essence of African culture, the Enyimba Festival and Awards season 4 aims to highlight the diverse talents present within the continent’s borders. It provides a platform to recognize the efforts, sacrifices, and dedication of African individuals who continuously push boundaries and make a significant impact in their respective fields.

Throughout this three-day extravaganza, attendees can expect electrifying performances spanning across music, dance, poetry, and theater. Recognizing the influence and potentials of technology, this year’s festival will also feature InnoTech Africa, an exclusive segment showcasing the most innovative startups and technological advancements from across the continent.

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The Enyimba Festival and Awards season 4 is not just a celebration of African excellence, but also an opportunity to foster unity, collaboration, and synergy among Africans. It serves as a catalyst for networking, partnerships, and knowledge-sharing, creating an environment that supports growth and development on both individual and collective levels.

As the countdown begins, anticipation for this grand event is steadily growing. African talents are encouraged to purchase their forms promptly and embrace the opportunity to showcase their skills on a global stage. Don’t miss this chance to be part of a historical moment that will echo through the halls of African cultural heritage for years to come.

Enyimba Festival and Awards (Season 4) 2023 Edition Form available at 9ja2nice for all contestants who is willing to be part of the Enyimba  Festival and Awards (Season 4) 2023 Edition (Form Fees: N5,000), Please If you Don’t have the Form Fee, Kindly don’t fill out the form.

After filling out the application form kindly proceed to make payment of the sum of (N5,000) to below listed bank account details.

Pay to:

Please see account details below;

Bank Name: Sterling BANK

Account Number: 8227222420

Account Name: 260VIBES GLOBAL.

After completing the payment kindly DM your payment receipt to below WhatsApp number: >> +2348109761333.

Email us on: enyimbastreetfestival@gmail.com

In conclusion, the Enyimba Festival and Awards season 4 is an exceptional platform designed to acknowledge and honor African excellence in all its forms. By spotlighting the talents, achievements, and advancements of Africans, this festival aims to inspire, uplift, and empower generations to come. So, mark your calendars, secure your forms, and get ready to witness the magnificence of African talent like never before.

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